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פרסומים ממחקר התאומים הישראלי: Publications from The Longitudinal Israeli Study of Twins


Journal Articles

Knafo, A., Israel, S., & Ebstein, R. P. (2011). Heritability of children’s prosocial behavior and differential susceptibility to parenting by variation in the Dopamine D4 Receptor (DRD4) gene. Development and Psychopathology, 23, 53–67

Avinun, R., Israel, S., Shalev, I., Gritsenko, I., Bornstein, G., Ebstein, R.P., & Knafo, A. (2011). AVPR1A variant associated with preschoolers' lower altruistic behavior. PLoS one, 6

Fortuna, K., van IJzendoorn, M. H., Mankuta, D., Kaitz, M., Avinun, R., Ebstein, R. P., & Knafo, A. (2011). Differential genetic susceptibility to child risk at birth in predicting observed maternal behavior. PLoS one

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Israel, S., Lerer, E., Shalev, I., Uzefovsky, F., Riebold, M., Laiba, E., Bachner-Melman, R., Maril, A., Bornstein, G., Knafo, A., & Ebstein, R. P. (2009). The oxytocin receptor (OXTR) contributes to prosocial fund allocations in two economic decision tasks, the Dictator Game and Social Value Orientations. PLOS one

Knafo, A. (2006). The Longitudinal Israeli Study of Twins (LIST): Children's social development as influenced by genetics, abilities, and socialization. Twin Research and Human Genetics, 9, 791-798


Handbook/Encyclopedia/ Book Chapters

Knafo, A. & Israel, S. (forthcoming). Empathy, prosociality, and other aspects of kindness. In M. Zentner & R. Shiner, (Eds.). The Handbook of Temperament: Theory and Research. New York: Guilford Press

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Oakley, B., Knafo, A., & McGrath, M. (2011). Pathological Altruism – An Introduction. In B. Oakley, A. Knafo, G. Madhavan, & D. S. Wilson (Eds.), Pathological Altruism (pp. 3-8), Oxford University Press